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Senior-Friendly Resources for Moving and Downsizing in Retirement


Downsizing in your senior years could be a great option if you’re looking to lower the amount of your monthly mortgage payment and spend less time cleaning and maintaining your home as you grow older. But before making the decision to downsize your home and move into a senior living community or smaller single-family house, it’s important to explore your different housing options and potential moving costs. Review the resources below to determine whether downsizing could be right for you!

Is Downsizing Right for You?

Downsizing is a practical decision for many seniors, but it isn’t right for everyone. Determine whether a downsize could be the right post-retirement move for you.

• Start by determining whether you’re ready to downsize your home. If you resonate with these six signs, downsizing could be right for you.
• Think about where you’d live if you were to downsize your home. You could move into a retirement community, assisted living facility, or buy a smaller, more affordable home.
• To ensure you don’t go over budget, review market trends and home prices in your target area.

Planning Your Downsize

Make moving day easier with the right plan and people.

• Before moving day, it’s important to declutter your current home, rent a storage unit if you need it, and budget for any potential moving costs.
C&A Self Storage offers budget-friendly and secure storage options to house your belongings while your home is for sale or until the kids can pick up what they want.
• You can expect to spend anywhere from $688 to $1,874 when hiring professional movers — depending on the type of moving help you need.
• If you plan to ask friends and family for help, think about how to best ask them.
Research professionals if you’re going to hire movers to assist you with your downsize.

Additional Resources

Here are a few bonus resources to plan an efficient and easy transition.

What Senior Citizens Should Know About Selling Their Home
Top 10 Moving Tips For Seniors
Simplify Retirement Downsizing with Senior Move Managers

There are many advantages to downsizing in retirement, but it’s important to weigh the pros and cons to determine whether moving is the best option for you. In some cases, you may be better off modifying your existing home for aging in place — especially if you’re happy where you are and can afford to remain in your house for years to come.

Andrea Needham

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